About Us

The Albanian American Women’s Organization (AAWO) works to lift the spirit, status and voice of Albanian women, girls and Albanian families so they can fully participate in all aspects of life, by becoming stronger, and more resilient, in overcoming the years of war, government oppression and tradition that have pushed them down and to the margins of society. AAWO hopes to strengthen the bonds between Albanian American women and their sisters all over the world.

We believe and cherish that all human beings in this world, regardless of gender, race, nation, or religion deserve an equal opportunity in life… There is a need felt to give a voice to young Albanian women and youth and to listen and learn about their struggles and their ideas for a better future. Therefore AAWO explores the role of women and young people also in creating “a culture of peace,” during their integration into the American mainstream society.

Envisioned Future
Fifty years from now we hope to become a nest of Albanian culture and tradition; and we hope to become a role model for all women who wish reach for the excellence. We will become a place of hospitality, creativity and culture where everyone will feel inspired, motivated, engaged and creative. We will become a place called home for all women who seek to belong.

Community / Information – as we help women and their families heal; and restore and rebuild their lives. Cultural pride / Education – as we elevate Albanian culture and tradition to national status. Excellence / Growth – we will maintain the highest standards of quality in all programs, services and media we produce. Innovation / Enlightenment– as we become the bridge between east and west and serve as an example of peacemaker. Love / Compassion – where there is darkness let us bring light, and where there is hatred, let us bring love.