Women’s World Today TV program – January 1, 2007


“Women’s World Today”, a 15-minute television program continues to air every week and is enjoyed by many viewers of our community. This show is produced every week and portrays many respected members of our society. Our program has extended the opportunity to begin discussing the need of changing women’s lives and avoiding the violence that occurs due to many reasons. Many women’s issues were discussed in our show a few times, and most vital information on range of resources was delivered through our program. This TV Program is broadcasted once a week in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Yonkers and twice a week in The Bronx. “Women’s World Today” has increased AAWO’s visibility in the community and has brought much warmth and acceptance of AAWO vision by the Albanian American women. Because of this program many women have gained the strength to call us regarding the domestic violence problems. Also this program serves as an open forum of empowerment of the Albanian American women. As a result of this program we have had 12 women who got jobs because we provided information. Also, we have had many respectful Albanian personalities speak on various topics.