Women’s Wellness Workshop & Luncheon



Women’s Wellness Workshop & Luncheon

Saturday, November 11, 2017, 1-4 pm.

Lectured by: Dr. Zana Dobroshi, Ph.D., board certified psychiatrist.

Self-awareness from inside out;
Fighting mental health stigma in immigrant women communities;
Mindfulness and meditation techniques;
How to cope with stress;

AAWO will provide free of charge buffet luncheon to participants.

Agim & Sadete Aliçkaj – 1054 McLean Ave, Yonkers, NY 10704
Please contact us if you want to register for the workshop. Maximum 50 people can attend.

AAWO Wellness Workshop

GLOBAL ALBANIANS-Center for International Development at Harward University





Establishing the Global Albanians Foundation (GAF) Last month, the Massachusetts Albanian American Society (MAASBESA) and the Albanian American Women’s Organization – Motrat Qiriazi (AAWO) announced their partnership to develop the Global Albanians Foundation (GAF). MAASBESA and AAWO recognize that while not-for-profit organizations play vital roles in economic and social development throughout all phases of a country’s growth, the non-profit sector often receives diminishing support from donors as countries develop. Through establishing GAF, they aim to provide financial support to effective not-for-profit organizations that may otherwise struggle to provide sustainable services. MAASBESA and AAWO “propose that creating a Foundation that initially focuses on giving small grants targeting many different not-for-profit organizations throughout the countries in Southeastern Europe where Albanians live is the best way to reach and assist a wide and diverse group of people and organizations.” Albanians living abroad who wish to support not-for-profit organizations in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro will provide the financing for GAF.