AJC hosts the President of Albania, Bujar Nishani – September 23, 2013


The American Jewish Committee, AJC, hosted a special luncheon with all US regional directors, in honor of the president of Albania, Bujari Nishani and the First Lady.

Among the invited guests, where also, the Albanian Ambassador to US, Mr. Gilbert Galanxhi, Dr. Anna Kohen , Albanian Jew ,and the president of AAWO “Motrat Qiriazi” and Markus De Rowe.

President Nishani gave a short speech, and thanked Mr. Harris, the president of AJC, for the special invitation, and they both hoped for strong relations between Jews of America and people of Albania.

Dr. Kohen, found an opportunity to say a few words, to mention how her Jewish parents where saved in Albania by the Albanian people.  She expressed  her hope that AJC will help with the restoration of the Jewish sites in Albania, and especially the Saranda Synagogue. She made contacts, and helped to arrange a AJC trip to Albania.